Phillip Clifford

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Since 1999 I have been living in Finland, teaching English in businesses, writing both professionally and indie, raising two sons, and enjoying many different types of sports and outdoor activities. My wife and I are training a very large and frisky German Shepherd in Search and Rescue procedures. In the 1990’s, I completed a degree in Social Anthropology, achieving First Class Honours and winning a Bronze Medallion for academic excellence. For my Honours Thesis, in 1992 I travelled to Sevettijärvi in Finland and  interviewed a few Skolt Sami leaders on their material culture made from birchbark. Starting in the early 1980's I spent eleven years as a professional soldier, even completing an operational tour with the UN in the Middle East in 1988. For my efforts as a peacekeeper, I was decorated twice: UNFICYP 1988 (Operation SNOWGOOSE) and the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal (2000).